Belt Size

Specifying your belt size.  We size our belts from the prong to the center hole as shown above.  Specify this as your "belt size."  Note that this is usually 3 - 4 inches larger than your pant size.

Based on an old belt.  The best method is to measure an existing belt as shown above to the most-used hole.  We will then cut the belt so that this corresponds to the center hole of your new belt.

Based on your pant size.  If you don't have a belt to measure, a good rule-of-thumb is to add 3 to 4 inches to your pant size.  For pant sizes less than 34, add 3 inches, for 34 and larger add 4 inches.

Do not.  Do not specify your pant size as your belt size, that will be 3 - 4 inches too small!

We'll get it right!  We recognize that buying a belt on-line means you can't try it on first.  Our sizing method above works great and our return rate is very low.  But, unless we're making a custom gun- or tooled-belt you're welcome to return it for a better size.  (We'll specify at the purchase point if the belt is custom and non-returnable.)  We only ask that you share in the shipping expense and pay the return shipping.  The wrong size belt is annoying, and we want no part in selling you a belt that doesn't fit great!

Note.  Most department store belts are sized by the length of the leather to the center buckle.  Since buckles can have different reaches, we include that in our sizing.  This provides a much more accurate fit!  This is especially important for western-style buckles that usually have a couple inches more reach than standard buckles.