Products "Off-the-Shelf"

New products are coming soon!

Shopping at Wasatch Leather (Leather belts and more)


All of our leather belts are handmade from the highest quality material.  In addition to custom hand-tooled and personalized belts, we offer several belts "off-the-shelf."  These are pre-made men's leather belts or women's leather belts ready to be cut to your specified length.  Most are unique offerings for a limited time.  Contact us if you'd like something custom made.

Gun Belts

A stable belt sets the foundation for stable firearm carry.  We offer a variety of options in premium leather gun belts that provide a comfortable, stable platform.  Most of our gun belts are custom made to your specifications.  (Contact us to get something started.)  We've decided to start offering some of our designs directly from our online shop.  If you see something you like, simply order online and we'll custom make one in your size.  Otherwise feel free to contact us and we'll work with you to design your perfect belt.

Custom Products

In addition to our "off-the-shelf" offerings, we custom make all kinds of leather products ranging from bracelets to fitted holsters and rifle slings.  Visit our gallery for some ideas and contact us if you'd like a custom hand-made leather item made just for you.